Good Soy Vs. Bad Soy

    How is it that Eastern cultures have consumed soy for thousands of years and enjoyed health benefits, yet today soy is sometimes considered dangerous? It’s because there are two very different soys: fermented and un-fermented. Let’s quickly examine the differences.

    When you take soy, add friendly bacteria, yeast, and mold, the enzymatic reaction produces fermented soy. This is safe and healthy for humans. The soy is now way easier to digest and not harmful. Fermented soy is found in tofu, tempeh, miso, and soy sauce, as examples. So, fermented soy is the good, healthy soy.

    Now let’s talk about un-fermented soy. It has been shown to alter the body’s level of hormones. A high percentage of it is genetically modified without labeling, thus is far more likely to be contaminated by pesticides.
  It is also heavily processed. Studies are beginning to show health issues. Un-fermented soy is found in soy powders, meat substitutes, and soy protein isolates. Many baby foods and diet foods contain this dangerous form of soy. No one is really sure what the long-term effects will be. So, un-fermented soy is the bad, unhealthy soy.

    At Matt-Hat Jerky, we only use the good, healthy fermented soy sauce as an ingredient in some of our product marinades. Our award-winning jerky will never contain unsafe products. Our customers are treasured friends, not guinea pigs.

    Your Carnivore and Keto diets are perfectly safe while eating plenty of delicious Matt-Hat Jerky marinated in some healthy fermented soy sauce.

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