Best Beef Jerky Award

Imagine young Matthew being just 11 years old and embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, taking up his grandfather's legacy and preparing to build  beef jerky empire.

Fueled by passion and a relentless drive for quality, he tirelessly develops 15 recipes and flavors himself, all while skeptics keep assuming it was being made by his parents.🤣
  Young Matt Kuplack

The jerky is sold to friends, at school, and door to door until one day at only 14 years old, he makes the 
bold decision to see how Matt-Hat Jerky stacks up against the top jerky from across the country.

This isn’t a hypothetical scenario — it's the real story of Matt-Hat Jerky

Even more remarkable....

Imagine, after presenting the jerky to a panel of industry judges, Matt-Hat Jerky doesn’t just compete — it triumphs, winning Gold for Best Beef Jerky.
Best Beef Jerky 2020

“Obviously, I always thought my jerky was great and when other people liked it too, I wondered if they were just being nice to a little kid but when the judges awarded me ‘Best Beef Jerky’ not knowing how old I am I knew my jerky was the real deal,” Matthew Kuplack (at age 14)
A defining chapter in the Matt-Hat Jerky legacy!

So go ahead an Elevate Your Snack Life


Matt-Hat Jerky is "The Best a Snack Can Get!"