My name is Matthew Kuplack, and I started Matt-Hat Jerky when I was 11 years old. (2017)

The Matt-Hat Jerky story began long before I was born. My Grandpa Kuplack was making some amazing jerky when my Dad was little. He did not sell it, but he gave it to everyone he liked.

(If you were one of those people, consider yourself lucky and if you knew him, but didn’t get any jerky, well, now you know why.)

Grandpa gave his secret recipe to many people and he told them “Shhh…I am only giving this recipe to you”. After Grandpa died in 2013 my dad compared the “Secret Recipe” he was given with the “Secret Recipe” many others were given only to find out that no one had been given the real secret recipe at all!

The founder of Matt-Hat Jerky, Matt Kuplack with his sisters Kayla and Katrina posing for a picture.

"Good old Grandpa! He is funny even now! I watched my Dad make some pretty good jerky trying to duplicate Grandpa’s. When I decided that I would like to start a business, making a Jerky business just made sense because I had helped my Dad make batches of jerky for so long. I started changing my Dad’s recipes around for a while until finally I had zeroed in on the flavor that I liked most. It is savory, chewy and delicious with just a little kick of heat. My sisters Kayla and Katrina (Twins – 3 years old than me) agreed to help with the business and we started making batches and selling them around the neighborhood and to the teachers and students at school. Since then this crazy jerky business has grown like crazy with reviews from chef icons Guy Fieri and Andrew Zimmern! Opening a store and selling more jerky than I ever thought possible is a lot to think about but it's all good! Happy Chewing!"