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Today, I want to share a fascinating story about an often-overlooked hero in American history - beef jerky. Yes, you read that right. Beef jerky, a humble snack, played a pivotal role in shaping the America we know today. 
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Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1803: Commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson. This monumental exploration, which mapped the vast Louisiana Purchase (Parts of 15 US States today), was heavily reliant on jerky.
The discoveries and consequences of the Lewis and Clark Expedition |
Known for their meticulous planning, they carried substantial amounts of jerky and continued preparing it from fresh meat whenever possible throughout their multi year journey. This not only provided a consistent food supply but was crucial in helping them traverse the challenging Rocky Mountains.

The significance of jerky extended far beyond this expedition. It sustained pioneers traveling west on the Oregon Trail, fueled miners during the Gold Rush 💰, and beef jerky was a common ration during the Civil War.

Beef jerky was a staple food for soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. It was a basic food for soldiers, who salted and boiled beef or pork to extend its shelf life and dried it flat to make it easy to carry. Soldiers often carried jerky with them on long marches, and it provided a much-needed source of protein and energy.

The History of Beef Jerky – Country Archer Provisions
The name "jerky" was first recorded in the 16th century. The Quechua Indians called it ch'arki, which means "to burn meat."

Jerky became a staple of the Old West and allowed settlers, frontiers men, and cowboys to move west into uncharted territory. 🤠 Cowboys prepared the beef jerky through a variety of techniques that included sun-drying, smoking, and salting. 

In each of these pivotal moments in American history, beef jerky was more than just food; it was a lifeline, vital for survival during exploration, conflict, and expansion.

Fast forward to today, and beef jerky has evolved from a homemade necessity to a commercial delight. At Matt-Hat Jerky, we're proud to continue this tradition. Our jerky isn’t just a snack; it's a piece of American heritage, crafted with the same hand-cut workmanship and care our grandfather instilled in us.
And while we've stayed true to tradition, we ensure every bite is free from modern day excessive preservatives, delivering nothing but fresh excellence across the country.

So, the next time you enjoy a piece of Matt-Hat Jerky, remember you're not just savoring a snack. You're partaking in a legacy that helped build the America we know today - one bite at a time.


This is more than just jerky. It's a piece of our family's history, a testament to uncompromised quality, and our love for good, honest food.

Happy Chewing, and thank you for savoring a piece of American history with me! 🗽

Matt, founder of Matt-Hat Jerky


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